About Danielle

danielle hansmann | artist

I paint to see my visions take shape, to see stories unfold, sometimes emerging from a sense of frustration, but usually ending in a state of a bliss. It is exciting to see these visions blossom right before my eyes in layers of paint. Luscious palettes of rich color, often embellished with textured materials, reflect my natural curiosity defining my philosophy of life. I create intricate kaleidoscopes for interpretation, inviting you to linger in a daydream and seek what lies beneath the surface. 

My inspiration is the exquisite natural panorama, vivid light, and stunning aura of South Florida, as well as the drama and themes in contemporary politics and life's experiences. Our past shapes us, just as strokes and layers of paint shape a canvas, for better or worse, yet vital to the development of a meaningful work of art or a good story. 

Please let my creations persuade your imagination to uncover the joys camouflaged in this sometimes bewildering world.